Deus Ex Insomnia

A collection of 80 poems and four essays extolling the creative life, Deus Ex Insomnia presents an eclectic mix of work. There’s everything from the dark and macabre, through the philosophic and introspective, to an amusing examination of life’s foibles. Mark has a reputation for darkness in his writings, so taste his nightlife for yourself – and discover that life isn’t all in shadow. There’s laughter amidst the macabre.

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-84753-507-8

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Pages: 84

Released: May 2007

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Price: £2.28

Released: September 2010

Digital ISBN: 978-1458-0437-7-1

Released: January 2011

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Free Chapbooks

In The Words of Chairman Me

First published in 2004

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek presentation of Mark’s poetry and prose writing, it nevertheless contained some serious writing alongside works of a more frivolous and fun nature. This was the last of his efforts in chapbooks, before he moved on to pastures new – in work, living, and literary activities.

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Confessions of A Poetry Virgin

First published in 2001

Relatively new to the poetry scene when it was first published, hence the title, Mark presented this small collection to mark his début as a poet. This wasn’t only in the written form, but as a performance poet standing up to be counted at the microphone before an audience of his peers. Indeed, it was the influence of open mic poets that first inspired him to capture his poetic thoughts on paper and present them aloud. To this day, his poetic works remains influence by that and is written to be read aloud – if you dare.

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