Housing_AugSept16.inddAs a jobbing hack, I’ve worked mostly for B2B print magazines and websites, though I’ve also chanced my arm at a bit of freelance work.

News reporting is a big chunk of the day job, as you’d expect given it’s the essence of the trade, but by background, experience, and inclination I’m a features man through and through.

If you care to click the link below you’ll find a selection of my feature writing past and present. Let me know what you think…

These days I earn my keep writing for the magazine pictured right. Northern, Midlands, Southern Housing; it’s quite a mouthful, but that’s what you get for merging three regional editions into one all-encompassing national title.

The subject matter’s not as neat as it might seem. Largely focused on social housing, it’s a deceptive topic, since I can find myself writing about law, property markets, crime and disorder, green issues, a host of social issues, politics, and all kinds of stuff. Talk about varied.

Alongside my duties as journalist on the mag, more recently I was tasked with writing book reviews for the news and lifestyle website Cheshire Today. It’s another welcome string to my bow. So that’s the current day job.

In the past, I’ve worked for a publisher of international B2B journals covering the textile industry; I provided freelance material to Writers News magazine for a good six years; between 2001 and 2004 I produced a monthly newsletter for creative writers in West Yorkshire (Tyke Writer); and I’ve had one-off features appear in a range of publications over the years. My background is doubtless rather eclectic, but it’s all been part of the writer’s life. And long may that continue.

View my portfolio

Visit Mark Cantrell, Journalist for more of my past works.





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