Isolation Space (2009)

A collection of short stories by Mark Cantrell

Isolation Space CoverAN enthralling selection of 20 short stories, ISOLATION SPACE presents an eclectic mix of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, together with more literary and satirical works of speculative fiction.

From the wryly amusing to the outrageous and silly, the thoughtful and provocative to the terrifying and the macabre, there’s a little something for everyone.

Format: Paperback

Lulu, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4092-7030-0

Price: £9.95

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Format: Digital

Smashwords, 2011

ISBN: 978-1-4581-5885-7

ASIN: B004I1L05G

Price: £2.05 (including VAT) US$3.15

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What’s been said…

“If you love being thrilled, frightened, intrigued, fascinated and engrossed, you can do no better than get hold of this book.” Jim Palmer, Writers’ Muse magazine.

“[A] medley of twenty short stories that will challenge, disturb, fascinate, provoke, sicken, and otherwise engross readers… If you love tales of horror and the supernatural, fantasy and the fantastic, speculative and science fiction, then this book belongs on your shelf. There are monsters of various persuasions… those that suck blood as well as those who consume a person’s soul.” Terrie Leigh Relf, Hungur Magazine.


The stories…

Window Gazers (flash fiction): There’s something fiendish outside, so are you sure you’re sitting comfortably? Then let us begin…

Affordable Housing (flash fiction): An Englishman’s home is his castle, until they want the land for regeneration…

Brain Drain (flash fiction): Alcohol and brains don’t tend to mix well, unless you’re feeling peckish that is…

Time Changeth The Man: Step outside the Hive and see the world from a new perspective…

First published in Alternaties #16 as “Time For A Change” circa 1994. Subsequently republished as a reworked form in The Asphalt Jungle (#3, Spring 1999) as “Time Changeth The Man”. It appeared again in The Doppelganger Broadsheet Vol. 13 #48 circa 2006.

The Rise & Fall Of Sisyphus: We all have our ups and downs in life, but when it comes to being stuck in a rut, this old Greek legend really had it made – or so he thought…

This story first appeared in Writers’ Muse, September 2007 #39.

A Walk In The Woods: When the most beautiful woman in the world begs a humble woodcutter for her life, there’s only one way for him to fulfil her wish – he must wield the axe…

Previously published in The Pen, Winter 1996. Subsequently appeared in Sci-Fright #6 March 2000.

To Heal The World: Only Man was able to save the world. Well naturally, since He was the one killing the Old Girl – but He saved her in the end. Pity the cure was so drastic…

Of Unicorns & Vampyres: Blood will out, it is said; when a group of vampires go looking for their origins, what they discover is more than they can stomach…

This story featured in the collection ‘Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts, Oh My!’ (NoTreeBooks, 2010) under the title ‘Baron Blood’.

Sinners In Streaming Video: These days it takes real dedication and commitment for a modern author to become noticed, but maybe the publicity stunts can be taken too far. Reality television is all very well, after all, but isn’t a live execution for heresy a little extreme?

First appeared in The Writers Compass, winter 2007/2008 edition.

At Death’s Door: There’s a door in the mind that keeps the ghosts of the past firmly locked at bay, but that door can be forced open – and when it does reality shows its true nature…

This story is also available as a standalone digital short.

Ghost Of Sarajevo: Another time, another war, but either this correspondent is going nuts or the city is haunted…

First published in Writers’ Own Magazine, Autumn 1995 #55. Subsequently appeared in Wrightlines #16 August 2000; then Love, Sex, Death & Carrots, anthology of Interchange (Bradford Writers’ Network), December 2000.

There Is No Sanctuary Here: Pity the strangers among us for there is little mercy in the world we made for them – but is it possible their presence hints that some ember of hope still smoulders in our hearts? Hear their call…

One For The Road: The perils of hitch-hiking pale against experience when Sarah finds herself picked up by a vampire with the hots for her. She can run but she can’t hide – especially from her true self…

This story is also available as a standalone digital short.

Shopping For Katie: For the modern consumer planning that perfect baby, it pays to shop around – and read the small print in the warranty too…

First appeared in the Clover Books anthology Spirit of Darkness (ISBN: 0-9534290-0-8), 1998.

One Way Trip: When a salvage crew scavenging the outer rings of Saturn turns up the long-lost hulk of a generation ship, it seems like an easy fortune – but deep inside ancient evil thirsts. In space nobody can hear the children of the night howl…

Nathan’s Friend: Tonight’s the night – that Nathan cuts loose a close and personal friend. They’ve been a team since adolescence, but enough is enough, he’s got Nathan into trouble once too often – so it’s time for some blood and retribution…

First appeared in the Clover Books anthology Spirit of Darkness (ISBN: 0-9534290-0-8), 1998.

Deadly Night Shade: She was the one who was afraid of the dark, that’s why the other vamps in her gang laughingly called her Shade, but now she’s the one still breathing – and she’s stalking the man who slaughtered them. So, he’s just another vampire-slayer, right? Think again. Shade is in for one hell of a surprise…

First appeared in The Velvet Vampyre #23 circa 1994 under the title “Blood Feud”. It subsequently reappeared in a reworked form under the current title in Monomyth Vol. 6.4 #40 in 2006.

This story is also available as a standalone digital short.

Joe’s Last Meal: First contact is a delicate and harrowing business, so when the aliens do drop in to say hello, be careful where you take them for lunch. The fate of the world rests on the menu…

An Englishman’s Home Is A…: Can’t afford to buy or rent a home – then this is the ideal solution to solve the housing crisis…

First appeared in the Writers’ Muse #45 October 2008 under the title “Coming Home To Roost”.

Taste Of The Night Life: A night on the town is all very well, but maybe a date with the city’s pre-eminent vampire slayer isn’t exactly a long-term prospect. It’s not what you think – and he sure as hell ain’t Buffy – but you certainly won’t go hungry, so long as you’ve got a strong stomach…


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