Citizen Zero


A science fiction thriller in the dystopian tradition, CITIZEN ZERO presents a devastating vision of a society broken by austerity and inequality.

Blending the stark social conscience of ‘The Boys From The Blackstuff’, the millennial anarcho-chic of ‘The Matrix’, and the uncompromising force of ‘V for Vendetta’, CITIZEN ZERO portrays a future Britain that’s taking shape today…


perf5.000x8.000.inddSILAS MORLOCK (Novel)

“Humanity built its monolithic spires of hopes and dreams and tried to believe that the whole sordid mess actually meant something.”

A dark urban fantasy with a twist of horror, Silas Morlock presents a macabre tale of guilt and redemption, with a chilling twist on the age-old struggle of good against evil. Think of a cross between Fahrenheit 451 and Nosferatu, then prepare to face the thing that lurks in the shadows of our primal imagination…

Some secrets are so terrible they don’t hide in the darkness – they are the dark…


Deadly Night Shade


A selection of short stories published as standalone ebooks, each title was culled from the author’s anthology ISOLATION SPACE (see below).

Taken together, or as individual shorts, these stories present a startling introduction to Mark Cantrell’s fiction work. The selection includes:

One For The Road (vampire horror, December 2013)

At Death’s Door (macabre horror, June 2013)

Deadly Night Shade (vampire horror, January 2013)


is-small-coverISOLATION SPACE (Collection)

At times disturbing, often thought-provoking, and downright entertaining, this collection presents 20 of Mark Cantrell’s short stories in one easy volume. Including the stories listed above, Isolation Space combines a startling mix of science fiction, fantasy, horror and some more literary elements to ensure there’s a little something for everyone. From flash fiction to lenghtier works, this is gripping introduction to the author’s work.


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