Uncaged Reviews

SM Uncaged Reviews 22041822 April 2018

“As a bibliophile, I really enjoyed this book and the underlying messages that it presents. Books do have a drug-like quality to them, and they are dangerous to those who crave power over the masses.”

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Review Tales by Jeyran Main

Review Tales Silas Morlock 210218

21 February 2018

“What I enjoyed most about [SILAS MORLOCK] was its originality. The literature was strong and the pace was steady keeping the reader interested…”

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Jake Drake’s Rants About Everything

Jake Drake Rants 150711

15 July 2011

The Matrix metaphors abound in this review of the 2010 self-published edition of CITIZEN ZERO, since replaced by the latest edition published by Inspired Quill in 2017…

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Writers Muse

Writers Muse IS 060909

September 2009

Review of the paperback edition of the short story collection, ISOLATION SPACE.

“Like many of the best science fiction and horror stories, there are twists in the tail of many of these pieces, and, also like many of the best in those genres, the end, when it hits you, is not at all expected. ”

YS Diablo 07-1989Your Sinclair

July 1989, #43

A slice of my creative history. Review of the ZX Spectrum adventure game, Diablo!

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(February 1989 #61) HERE.