Update: Looking back fondly at the days of ZX Spectrum adventures

Mark Cantrell interviewed in The Classic Adventurer 

The Classic Adventurer
The Classic Adenturer looks back at the golden age of text adventure gaming.

WELL, this is a blast from the past. A few weeks ago I was approached by Mark Hardisty about an interview in his bookazine, The Classic Adventurer; a project looking back at the golden age of text adventure gaming.

It’s a fascinating reminiscence, and I was both delighted and flattered to be asked. I don’t consider myself one of the luminaries of the era, so it is kind of nice to included among the ranks of the real deal.

The fourth and final edition of The Classic Adventurer is now available in both print and PDF versions, if you care to check them out (and maybe read the interview with little old me?)

Visit The Classic Adventurer website to browse the bookazines, and maybe buy the edition of your choice. Or download a free PDF version.

Or, skip straight to the PDF edition featuring the interview that explores how my creative endeavours began: writing text adventures for the ZX Spectrum computer.




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