Film: Horror short serves up some tea, cake and geriatric serial killers

Doris is a recipe for bloody murder

A horror short from Darkest Day Films promises to make a meal out of the macabre in this quirky tale of blood and gore, writes Mark Cantrell

Doris_Stills-30-2 (Resized)
You’re not in the office now, Ewen. Image courtesy of Darkest Day Films

YOU might think you’re having a bad day at the office, but at least you’re not having tea with a bunch of geriatric serial killers.

Okay, so that link is a bit of a stretch, but actor Ewen MacIntosh – who played Keith the accountant in The Office – is doing just that in the horror short, Doris. In fact, he plays a deranged serial killer himself, so he should be a dab hand at tallying up the body count.

“A den of elderly eccentrics ‘invites’ guests around for a game of Bingo, only their house rules are very different,” runs the strapline. The film is described as a quirky tale of “neighbourly love, friendship and murder (but mainly murder)”.

Doris is a 12-minute short from Darkest Day Films, written, produced and directed by Hayder Hasan; his third film. For all it has a short running time, the film is said to promise a generous serving of tea, cake and bloody murder.

“We had Ewen in mind when writing for Doris,” Hasan added. “We contacted him with a copy of the script and were delighted he loved it and accepted the role. His part in the film is quite disturbing with plenty of gore, definitely something new for him, yet we managed to maintain some of the deadpan delivery that fans of Ewen have come to love in one of the scenes in the film.”

When single mum Karen and her baby visit their elderly neighbour, Doris, she soon realises things are not quite what they seem. Doris has plans for Karen and the baby, and she’s enlisted a group of elderly cohorts to help her achieve her purpose. Things can only get gory from thereon in, then.

“The story developed from an idea I had originally linked to the baby scene in the film,” said Hasan. “Not wanting to give much away, the storyline with the body is disturbing and formed a good starting block for a horror short, from that point all the characters and plot were developed.

“I wanted to make something original, with new and quirky characters that you wouldn’t normally associate with the horrific and disturbing. This short is full of little unexpected twists and a weird storyline that hopefully is unlike anything viewers have seen before.”

Alongside MacIntosh, who plays ‘the masked man’, the film also stars Mary Sheen as Doris and Charlotte Hunter as Karen. Both experienced actors, with a wealth if theatre, film and television experience behind them.

With the film complete, Darkest Day Films is submitting the short to festivals around the world. Hasan is also looking to work on the script further to extend it into a feature-length movie.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the cliché goes, but it sounds like Doris is just the starter. Expect more bloody murder for afters.

Catch the trailer at Vimeo:

Doris Trailer 1 from Darkest Day Films on Vimeo.





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