History: Southampton brings Titanic memorial home

Plaques will honour city’s crew

Southampton residents who crewed on the Titanic’s ill-fated maiden voyage are to be honoured with plaques mounted on their former homes, writes Mark Cantrell

Councillor Catherine McEwing and Councillor Simon Letts with one of the plaques. Courtesy of Southampton City Council

OVER a century since the Titanic plunged to its watery grave in 1912, a council is planning to honour those of its crew who called Southampton home honoured with special commemorative plaques.

The plaques will adorn the houses where they once lived, before the tragedy struck, provided the modern day residents are happy with the idea. The commemoration will take in not only those who perished, but also those who survived.

“We have identified the houses still standing that were the homes of those that perished in the tragedy,” a council spokesperson said. “Over the next few days those householders will be contacted by the city council and offered the opportunity to receive a plaque to display on their house. Later in the year we will write to the households of survivors and make a similar offer.”

There’s no charge for the plaques. Instead, they are being part-funded with money raised for the Titanic window at St Mary’s Church as part of the Mayor of Southampton’s charities work last year.

“The window was funded by other grants, so we are able to shift those funds onto this project. We anticipate that these funds will be topped up by developer contributions,” the spokesperson added.

Leader of the city council, Councillor Simon Letts said: “The loss of the Titanic was the greatest tragedy to strike the city and was devastating to many city neighbourhoods. In some schools every class had a child that had lost a parent. It is essential that we remember the past but continue to ensure the safety at work of all our residents.

“I hope that those city residents who live in a house linked to this tragedy take the opportunity to display a plaque in memory of those who sailed on the Titanic over a hundred years ago.”




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