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“Language is a virus from outer space.” William S Burroughs

DSCF3050So where does a journalist-turned-author go to sound off? Well, here’s a pretty good start.

This is where I hurl my missives out into the polluted meme-pool of human existence, hopefully to make a few ripples, if not an outright splash…

My name’s Mark Cantrell, a journalist and social commentator by trade, a novelist by inclination. I’m the author of Citizen Zero (2017) and Silas Morlock (2013), both published by Inspired Quill. There’s more to my literary pursuits than novels, however, as you’ll soon see from this site.

Stick around and enjoy the read.

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Citizen ZeroSometimes even a pawn can hold the balance of power…

CITIZEN ZERO made its paperback debut in August 2017, courtesy of Inspired Quill. This exciting new edition is available in both digital and hardcopy editions. Visit the novel’s page here for links to retail outlets.

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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”— Marcus Tullius Cicero